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Simplify. Connect. Extend.

TechTiles™ provides a systematic way to connect and federate data, to integrate applications, to automate forms and business processes, and to quickly build and distribute sophisticated cloud or mobile composite applications.

School Automation & Integration

There is an increasing demand from School Districts to have the ability to view and analyze ALL of their information, including but not limited to data residing in Financial – HR & Administrative systems, Student Management systems, and the increasing number of Learning Management tools that continue to evolve in the education market. In addition, School Administrators and Educators are demanding easier access to review, analyze, illustrate and report on the effectiveness of programs designed to maximize both Student and Teacher success across all instructional programs to enable districts to make smarter data driven decisions.


Choose your process to automate

Student Registration, Staff On-boarding & Off-boarding, Budget Transfers, and Supplemental Pay, etc. See more processes below.


Develop and Optimize an operational work flow

We work together to map out the processing workflows, i.e. who should electronically be receiving the cleansed data for approvals, notifications, and reminders. Forms can be translated to different languages.


Trigger any process

What system/s do you want your data to integrate with ? FMS, SMS,LMS, Email, Google Accounts, Active Directory, Nurse, Guidance, Cafeteria POS, ID Badging, Transportation, Reports, etc.


Save paper, time and money

Forms are automated and pre-populated, required fields would be filled out before submitted, avoid clerical re-entry of data, timely approvals by eliminated paper routing and automating workflow processing transactions. Management dashboards for monitoring and comprehensive search capabilities.

The Forms Automation process has enabled the East Hampton School District structure to support and make more efficient processes to better support instruction. Traditional paper copies, carbon copies, and mail have slowed down the registration process, field trip requests, emergency contact information for students, transportation requests, and student transfers.

Although we are at the beginning of the process, forms automation has provided a linear approach to streamlining information, freeing up time and energy of personnel. In addition, it has enabled us to better understand organizational workflow, and avoid potential barriers. As a result, the East Hampton School District will continue to work on additional student registration process and begin the reviewing onboarding/offboarding of employees in the near future.”

Dr. Robert Hagan Director of Learning Technology and Instruction, East Hampton School District

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